Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Way To LWUIT Explained Visually

My latest post covering the development in LWUIT using the new project structure might not have been clear enough so I decided to pull up to make a quick video of how this looks on my PC (and really got a kick off of their zooming and annotation capabilities in the process).
I hope this makes it clear how cool it is to have a proper SE port and this new project structure to work with.


  1. hello, i'm new to j2me and, first of all, having researched quite a lot of options around, must say i'm pretty much thanked for LWUIT; i just can't find any pointers on how to use this new project structure with eclipse. i just ran out of google search keywords and thought of asking you. keep up the good work ok

  2. We don't use Eclipse so its hard for us to help on that. Try the forum where they might have some help:
    Generally I would guess it would work very similarly by having a base library project and creating separate projects that make use of the library. Since Netbeans project are ant files you might even be able to leverage the existing project structure.