Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Resource Editor Tutorial Rebooted: Introduction And Walkthrough

Yes a "do over" so soon for the resource editor tutorial. You must admit this one is way better than the last one.
While the first part is very verbose I'll try to keep the following to a more concise "How To" format which I think will be more helpful when integrated with the tool itself. 


  1. Great work and great video! However I have another question.When I generate a netbeans project with resource editor no code is being generated! In fact all I get is this:

    public class StateMachineBase {
    public StateMachineBase(String s) {}

    and this public StateMachine(String resFile) {
    super(resFile);} and
    protected void initVars() {

    Obviously when I try to run the midlet it runs normally but nothing happens. I tried to generate a project using a ready template (the user-info template) after creating the theme but still I get the same code! Any ideas? I don't know if it's relative but when I press generate a UISTateMachine it pops a massage saying "You must have a UI entry for this feature".

    I'm using netbeans 6.9.1 ,Resource Editor with the latest commit ( from www/designer/Resource.jar) and S60 SDK (also tried it with JavaMESDK 3.0 . Any ideas?

    Again thank you.

  2. Thanks. There is a bug in the current version of the resource editor (will be fixed in the next commit). To workaround this just open and save the resource file again which will regenerate the base class properly.

  3. Actually I did find that acciddentally. However while now ,the UIState builder works and I get the Java file (as the "show source code" from the Help menu works also) still when I press "Generate Netbeans Project" the StateMachineBase and the StateMachine class still come out blank! Are you sure they are generated properly? If not how can I use the UIbuilder class and the source code in order to "manually" generate the project?

    Again thank you for your answers.

  4. Hello Shai,

    When i export to MIDP jar file it's size is too large, and i just uset blank theme and two forms, in each form one label.

    How to decrease the size of the published jar file?

    note: i used Obfuscating. the size of the jar is 339 KB.

    Kind Regards,
    Mohammad Abu Hmead