Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Portable Is LWUIT Part 2 - The PSP

A cool thing about J1 is meeting people who are working on great ideas which I wasn't expecting, I met Max Mu before but we hadn't talked too much... Then in J1 he flashed his PSP running a port of Phone ME which was also the subject of his BoF, getting LWUIT running on it was just a matter of beaming the jar over into his device using BT. It just worked, very little needed doing. The attached video shows our reaction to the feat including sideline commentary about people stealing our food (goes to show you what people like Max and myself are up to while drinking in a bar party).

Max did an amazing job with this port just the fact that LWUIT worked without a hitch using the exact same jar as any other device on the first try is a testament of that. The VM is purely interpreted which is why LWUIT is so slow (the screen is very large making LWUIT even slower without a JIT).
This was not the only surprise I had at J1 regarding devices, all over the show people approached me and showed me the UI demo on their pet device and in many cases it was devices we haven't seen before. Had LWUIT been a public product this would have been commendable, but these people all came to us from the very limited set of people who had access to our pre-releases...

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