Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Will We See LWUIT Matisse Support

Those of you who were at J1 saw that we have a pretty complete build of Matisse working with LWUIT. The full blown Matisse GUI builder with group layout support, not some special limited tool... It supports things like custom components, theme switching, event handling etc.
Pretty much everything supported by the standard Matisse is supported (even baseline alignment is supported!).

So why isn't this out yet?

Matisse is HUGE, I could never have built this without the tremendous help from Tomas Pavek and Jan Stola. Their help made this stage possible, however to release something like this we need even further effort to verify that this tool doesn't break when you are actually trying to use it.

Problem is that there are dosens of priorities and tasks related to LWUIT and Matisse isn't at a high position in our team compared to this at the moment.

How can you help?

Write to lwuit_comments at or the users list, open RFE's both for LWUIT and for Netbeans (both Matisse and Mobility). Don't spam and be nice about it, the point being to show to both our management here and the NetBeans team how worthwhile it is to invest in this tool.
If its one person asking and writing I doubt that will help much, so if you really want it and think it warrants sacrificing other features/efforts to get this please let us know.


  1. Hi,

    I'm actually working with Lwuit, and i wanna know if you have some news about the integration of Lwuit in Netbeans palette?

    I'm currently developing an application and a laboratory with it, and it will be easier for the student to use a palette...

    I hope you will give me informations,
    best regards,

    David J.

  2. Sorry I don't have any news in this front, I would love to publish this as open source even half baked but this would be too much of an effort without the NetBeans teams help.


  3. Some news about the integration of LWUIT on the netbeans' palette ???

    Thank you

  4. So, is this coming to live?
    LWUIT is awesome

  5. is lwuit matisse available now...?