Saturday, May 31, 2008

LWUIT - guest post by Chen Fishbein

It's been a long couple of years, I still remember the day I came up to Yoav and asked him to give me 3 months to create a POC (proof of concept) of a UI framework that will ease the pain of creating compelling and consistent midp applications.
Back then the team created the first version of project Hydrazine client and it took us ages to meet the UE requirements, and when we finally did, the marketing guys asked us to create a 2nd version to a different device. That was the point when we realized we were doing something wrong.
When I came up with LWUIT 1st version after 3 months the development center realized this was something we must invest in for project hydrazine and potentially for other internal projects (releasing this to the community was something we didn't consider).
Then when we demoed the Hydrazine client to customers the responses were "so, how did you implement the client?". That basically gave me the "green light" to keep working on this and to bring in more engineers resources such as Shai who did and still does an amazing job in LWUIT.
I am very happy to say that since the b day of LWUIT at J1 we got lots of complimentary feedback.
It is very exciting and encouraging to know that LWUIT has been excepted within the Java ME community.
We look forward to see what will happen with LWUIT in the near future and in the open source.

project hydrazine 2 years ago

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