Thursday, May 29, 2008

Very busy week running around with LWUIT

This has been a remarkably busy week for both Chen and myself promoting LWUIT both at Java Tech Day Israel and visiting on-site with companies using LWUIT to build commercial applications for mobile phones.

Comverse have been working with us on one of the first commercial applications outside of Sun that leverage LWUIT. They seem to share the excitement we have towards this project and Amit of Comverse went on stage with us at Java tech day. I hope to post some shots and a video of their really cool LWUIT application, its a visual voice mail application which they developer well before the iPhone was even planned (at least 3 years ago). They had a Java version for years but they couldn't get the UI to look "just right", it looks great in LWUIT and they are really helping us iron out the kinks in LWUIT.
Hopefully I will be able to get guys from Comverse to blog in the future about their LWUIT experiences.

I was also at another company which I won't name for now since it wasn't yet announced, they too will have a very widely deployed LWUIT application out within a ridiculously short amount of time. Hopefully once its made public I can blog more about their product which is also really cool.

This brings me to the point, people are using LWUIT for production already even before we released the code! There is real excitement and the amount of interest is just phenomenal!
I can't talk yet about most of the leads and directions because I'm working in a corporate environment, here you always assume everything is secrete (which it usually is). Expect allot of LWUIT related announcements in the coming months...

I have also spent allot of time on S60 performance with the help of some kind soles within Nokia who profiled the LWUIT Demo on devices and gave me some pointers. I tried to make simple and wide sweeping changes that might actually improve performance on all devices across the board.

Note: Updates by Shai to include image of Comverse Visual Voicemail application taken from here.

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