Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Video From Chen Of LWUIT On Devices

Chen sent me this video he filmed of LWUIT running on some cell phones in the office. He was not very happy with my old PSP video since the VM and runtime on the PSP are very slow and not very flattering to LWUIT performance.
I should really dedicate a few future blogs to LWUIT performance and what is really going on under the covers in LWUIT.


  1. First of all, thank you for a good UI library. I have been playing with Demo app on SE K850i and it works fine except one thing: when demo app starts up one can see for about half a second 'white' full screen. Users do not expect white screens :) Is it possible not to show Canvas until all in-memory buffers/graphics gets allocated and initialized?

  2. One more question:

    It seems that there is support for both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT screen orientation (as seen on your video) but I did not find any mentions on that in toolkit documentation. Is it done automatically by toolkit lib? Can developer control screen orientation himself?

  3. LWUIT has a screen size callback in form.
    Rotation should work when supported by the device, try using the latest SVN.

  4. Hi, from where i can get this code of video form. Can it possible to programmaticaly lock the orientation of the application in LWUIT.