Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3D Transitions Everywhere: Upcoming LWUIT Feature

Currently LWUIT limits the usage of 3D transitions to Forms only, this is something thats technically a bit problematic to accomplish but Chen and myself spent some time looking this over and Chen came up with a really cool approach to solving this. So now 3D transitions can be used "everywhere", including Dialogs and standard components.

The 3D transitions are often incorrectly perceived as gimmicky eye candy, to some degree they are but they are far more than that... The 3D transitions were added to LWUIT to draw attention to the possibilities which we can achieve with LWUIT. Our goal here is to inspire you to create amazing and unexpected user experiences with LWUIT and truly realize its potential, we want you guys to feel that everything is possible.

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  1. Hi, i preferred to use M3G predesigned animation instead, BTW my name is Shai too and im from Nahariya, where you from?