Monday, August 18, 2008

Resource Editor Tutorial

I just uploaded to youtube a new resource editor tutorial showing off a simple usage of the resource editor to create a quick theme in a few minutes while explaining what I'm doing.
This video tutorial barely scratches the surface of what can be done with the resource editor. I will try to show off some more elaborate features and abilities in future posts. The main goal here is to get people starting and playing around with the resource editor.


  1. good but u provide the download link with this

  2. The resource editor is packaged as part of the standard LWUIT binary distribution in the LWUIT website

  3. Hello Shai, I have a problem when trying to use any of the system fonts apart from "System, Plain, Medium". I can select monospace plain small for example and the preview in resource editor changes accordingly, but the Value field in the resource editor shows "System, Plain, Medium", when I double click the font property the editor shows me "System, Plain, Medium" and obviously when I use the theme in my Application, all the fonts are System, Plain, Medium. I don't want to use bitmap fonts because scroll performance in lists is much better with system fonts (Blackberry, mind you...), so am I doing anything wrong because I can't select another system font, or is that a bug in the resource editor?

    Regards from Germany

  4. I'm trying to open resouces.res file in demo to manage the icons in the demo application. But LWUIT designer is not able open the file. Please share the old lwuit download link.


  5. @Raghunath it opens fine. Just use the tabs on the left to select the images tab.

  6. Hi Shai, I'm a programer and want to to make a custom version of the Resource Editor, but I can't find its source code. Is there any place to download it? Please contact me: luciolastra at gmail dot com

    Greetings and congratulations from Uruguay!


  7. The resource editor is closed source

  8. hello Sai,
    Is there a way to init themes in code?
    Although this tool is useful but it creates a resouce file in project. And when we release it, people could reuse it.
    I see the menu "Export" in this tool, but it does nothing.
    How can we create Font and Styles?

  9. The export bug was fixed.
    You can manually create the Hashtable for the theme, look at the pimp my LWUIT series in the blog.

  10. Hi Shai
    I am using LWUIT 1.4
    but in Resource Editor comes with the zip files doesn't have Tab for Splash Screen as shown in Tutorial 9 for resource editor.
    Could you please suggest solution for this. I am not event getting any other download for Resource Editor on the net.

  11. You need to use the latest webstart version linked in the blog and in the lwuit home page at

  12. dear shai,
    I need your help that I want to Put a static text control inside a (caption-less) group box in resource editor.
    that It may show user a default value [user may not able to edit the value]
    How can I do this?
    I know I will have to give the same ID to it.
    Please help me! I am new to MVC++.

  13. @Enger I think you have the wrong resource editor blog

  14. Hey Shai!

    on the LWUIT site, there is a tutorial on event handling.

    It uses setCommandListener method on a form object.

    But the LWUIT library does not have that method. And i am not able to complie my code.

    Could you suggest something for event handling. i am trying to learn it but just not getting it.

  15. That is a really old tutorial. Use addCommandListener(), setCommandListener was deprecated in LWUIT 1.2 or 1.1.

  16. hello i am rajesh i got one problem that,i have downloded but i didnt find resourceeditor.exe.but i found resourceeditor.jar but it is not executing and when i was unzip that jar file i got only pdf file.can any one tell me how can i get resource editor

  17. i am unable to running LWUI application in wireless Toolkit2.5,can any one tell me how can i configure LWui with wirelessToolkit