Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pimped Performance

My recent pimp entry with the fading scrollbar has terrible device performance, this pushed me a bit to put some work on a new LWUIT feature allowing for fast effects such as this (and MUCH more) called the glass pane painter. A glass pane painter allows us to install a painter (or painter chain for that matter) on top of a form and thus implement a layer on top of the form which we can animate separately without incurring the performance penalty of repainting the entire screen... It even looks much better than the previous version since portions of the scrollbar that got erased occasionally in the previous version, no longer do so.
Device performance is now acceptable even on my old and remarkably slow E61 device (filmed), this is a huge feature which I hope to blog about more soon enough. Most of the pimping code remains unchanged for this which is pretty cool as well...


  1. Sounds this slotted for a code drop yet?

  2. This along with many other cool features and bug fixes is slated for the next drop which should be very soon but we don't have a concrete date yet...

  3. Is it possible to post this code
    It seams that there might be some things in your solution I've been looking for a while

  4. Its posted for quite some time now: