Saturday, August 16, 2008

New LWUIT Eye Candy Video

Posted this new video to youtube showing off some of the latest features in LWUIT together with some tried and true features.

The video has some popups along the way to explain what is going on, it has some artifacts and hiccups due to the capture software. All of the features illustrated here are running on devices I hope to post a couple of videos showing these features off on the devices themselves.


  1. How light-weight (LW) is it really?

  2. Its light enough to run on a Series 40 mobile phone with 2mb of heap (for a 320x240x32bpp display) so its very light. In terms of JAR size the overhead is between 60kb and 100kb, the LWUIT demo itself (from the video) is currently under 150kb without resources and with obfuscation.

    Having said that... when we named it we intended lightweight to mean the same thing it does in Swing: Component that draws its own state. Leave it to marketing not to understand that...

  3. I wonder what the value of Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory() is when the demo runs in 2mb heap device ;-)