Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matisse Support - The Movie

We started working on the LWUIT Matisse port quite a while back and we demoed it on quite a few occasions.
Its actually a much cooler demo than the video lets out since the demo involves creating a theme from scratch, then the UI using Matisse and running it all directly on a device...
(In J1 it also involved NetBeans crashing and me gracefully avoiding tough curse words).

Those of you who haven't attended or heard about our presentation might not quite know or understand what this means. Let me be clear: This is the "true" fully functional Matisse with GroupLayout support. This Matisse allows custom made components (no special work required) and various other cool features right out of the box. But its sadly incomplete and releasing it as source would be impossible for us since we don't hold the rights (the NetBeans team does since its based on Matisse).

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  1. Well I did what you said and you should see their replies

    I am hoping that we will get to use this some time soon.