Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LWUIT For Swing Developers

Chen and myself keep referring to LWUIT as a tool inspired by Swing and its architecture. To that extent I developed a while back this presentation for Swing developers, it uses terms that should be familiar to advanced Swing developers to help them get a leg up on LWUIT.
I think Swing developers will find LWUIT very interesting since it goes places Swing can't go and picked up lots of ideas from Swings experience. I also assume many Swing developers are peeking towards the mobile space and its rapid growth thinking about making the leap, LWUIT is ideal for those guys and hopefully this presentation will get you going.
These go both ways, the other day a colleague grabbed me in the office and told me that due to recent tasks he had to do some Swing programming. Jokingly he mentioned: "They really stole allot from LWUIT".

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